Window Tinting – A Strong Benefit and an Unexpected Warning

One of the things you learn as you get older is that you need to learn to work with the world around you and embrace the changes it presents.  

Fighting against the natural changes the world experiences will only lead to frustration and exhaustion for you, as fighting change is akin to trying to fight the tide; it is a battle you will ultimately lose.  

This doesn’t mean that you need to adopt every change that happens around you, simply that you need to accept and embrace the fact that change occurs for the sake of your own sanity.

Personal growth

It is sound advice to also apply this same logic to changes within ourselves as we get older; our bodies change with the passing years and so do our abilities as a result.  

This of course represents a double-edged sword for us due to increases in our cognitive abilities and experiences, which are accompanied by unfortunate limitations in things such as our senses.  

But this need not be a problem as making some low-key changes to our environments can help minimise the impact these changes could otherwise present.  

Something as simple as tinting glass for example can offer some significant benefits; however, this example also comes with a warning that warrants further investigation.

Benefit – privacy and security

If your home is positioned in such a way as the street outside is very close to your windows, then you are probably well aware of the lack of privacy the constant footfall outside will bring.  

A traditional solution to this problem is to install net curtains or blinds, but these can present their own set of concerns.  

Whereas most people will find this a perfectly acceptable solution, many have noted that the lack of visibility works both ways and they can find this uncomfortable, as not being able to see outside clearly can actually increase feelings of vulnerability and isolation.  

This is why having a tint applied to your windows by a professional company, can offer you the best of both worlds by allowing you to see out but preventing others from seeing in.

Warning – lowering reaction times

As strange as it may seem, there is actually strong evidence that suggests having tinted windows in your car, especially the windscreen, actually lowers reaction times.  

This is especially apparent when dealing with hazards that are at the same end of the colour spectrum as the tint of your glass.  

This is not an issue solely associated with older drivers either, but the effect does increase dramatically in independent testing.  

The basic findings seem to indicate that a windscreen tint should be kept to a minimum to limit the risks that it can present.  

Of course, tinting for UV filtering can make a significant difference to the driving experience, but making sure that the tint doesn’t impact on your safety whilst behind the wheel is a factor that many will not have considered. 

 If you are at all unsure, it is best to consult an expert rather than take the risk.