What is hybrid flooring

What is hybrid flooring? Is it a good option? How do you maintain a hybrid floor? How long do they last?

Hybrid flooring is arguably the best option available to choose for your home or business. In a market with many types of flooring including vinyl, laminate, and carpet to name just a few, hybrid flooring stands out as taking the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl flooring to give you a new and improved choice for your floors. Here we will take a good look at hybrid floors, what makes them distinctive and help you decide if hybrid flooring is the right choice for you.

What is hybrid flooring?

What is hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring is made up of several different layers to create a complete product that combines the look of high-quality laminate and the waterproof nature of good vinyl flooring. It is a floating floor product, meaning it is made to be placed on top of the floor already in situ, and is generally installed through a click and lock mechanism that can be laid by professionals and non-professionals alike. 

The four layers that make up hybrid flooring are:

  • A top hard-wearing protective layer

With a high level of resistance to scratches, stains, and general wear and tear, this commercial grade protective layer helps gives hybrid flooring its prolonged lifespan. It is clear allowing the next decorative layer to show through, while keeping it looking good for longer.

  • A decorative or patterned layer

Hybrid flooring’s superior printing technology allows you to more or less choose the kind of pattern you want on your floor, or the type of material you want it to emulate. You can get hybrid tiles and planks that look like they are made of ceramics, marble, or stone. You can get any type of wood in any colour that you want. It really is up to you, and the resulting product is nearly impossible to distinguish from the original materials.

  • A core layer

This can be made of either Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), which is made of recycled wood products and tends to be thicker and more comfy underfoot, or Stone Plastic Composite (SPC). SPC is made using a combination of PVC, limestone, and stabilisers. Hybrid floors are waterproof, and this core layer is an essential part of the construct that makes this the case.

  • An acoustic underlay

Most hybrid floors come with a built in backing, an underlay that makes it easier to install, softens any noise that may travel through the floor, and increases your own comfort too.

These layers all come together to create a product that is superior to most laminate or vinyl flooring options alone, and is an excellent choice for your entire home, office, or other commercial building.

Is hybrid flooring a good option?

Is hybrid flooring a good option

There are many reasons why hybrid flooring is the best choice for your home. Hybrid flooring is waterproof, so it can last much longer than some laminate which can warp and get damaged over time. It can also therefore be used in every room including moisture-rich environments like the kitchen and bathroom.

Hybrid flooring is also easy to install, with its click and lock installation and built in underlay making it fit together like a dream. This underlay also increases the comfort for your feet when you walk on it, and reduces the noise at the same time. Some floors can feel and sound hollow, but hybrid endeavours to feel more like real wood.

The superior decorative layer means that with hybrid you can get the look of a real wood, stone, or other materials without the added expense. The protective layer and waterproof nature of hybrid flooring mean that your home will continue to look great longer, and won’t lead to added costs of repairing or replacing your floor every few years.

For all these and so many more reasons, hybrid flooring is arguably the single best type of flooring you could choose for your home.

How do you maintain a hybrid floor?

A lot of hybrid floor maintenance is fairly straightforward, and what you would expect for most types of flooring. You need to sweep or vacuum your floor regularly to stop it from being too dirty, and to stop mess from accumulating. Mopping is also allowed, and as your floor is waterproof you won’t have to worry as much about using water as you do with many other types of flooring.

That being said, if you leave stagnant water pooled on your floor for longer periods of time, or even go a little over the top and flood the area while you are cleaning, it will eventually cause your floor damage. It can get into the seams between the planks or tiles and start to smell and cause mould to grow. It is therefore important that you don’t take its waterproof nature for granted, and still mop up any pools of water or spills in a timely manner.

You can also damage your floor by using the wrong chemicals when you are cleaning. Make sure you always check that the products you are using are compatible with your floor before you start to use them. Even if they don’t cause permanent damage, some may give you flooring a dull or poor finish compared to the correct cleaning products which should leave a nice shine after use.

If you spill chemicals on your floor by accident you should clean them up as soon as you can to prevent any serious damage. Likewise, extremely hot products like cigarettes and hair-straighteners or suchlike should be picked up as soon as possible to prevent marks on your floor.

Finally you should try and avoid dragging heavy furniture or anything that might cause a mark over your floor. If you have heavy items it is a good idea to put protective rubber under the feet or corners where you can to help protect your floor. Hybrid flooring is mostly very easy to clean and maintain, so just do as you usually would and your floor will stay good as new for years to come.

How long do hybrid floors last?

In general, you can comfortably expect your hybrid floor to last from 10-15 years in a normal environment, with the usual wear and tear you would expect from a household and family. As it is waterproof, excess moisture, dampness, and even overly wet mopping won’t have a big impact. These are all issues that can easily destroy some laminate and other floors over time.

If you take good care of your hybrid floors, and especially if you have installed your floors in rooms that get a less than average amount of foot traffic and use, you can expect your hybrid flooring to last and last.


To Sum Up:

  • Hybrid floors are made up of the best components of vinyl and laminate, with the look of real hardwood, stone, or ceramics.
  • It is waterproof, durable, and hard wearing, with easy installation and a comfortable feel.
  • You can prevent damage to your floor with regular cleaning using the right materials, and while avoiding puddles of water or chemical spills.
  • Your hybrid floor should last over 10 years making it a great choice for your home.

If you are looking for a hard-wearing, long-lasting and superior type of flooring, look no further than hybrid flooring today.