Top 6 Mistakes on an Executive Resume

In this post we’re going to take a look at some of the top mistakes on an executive resume. This is an important step when it comes to writing the best resume’s which are designed for success; identifying the problem areas. 

If you fully understand the types of mistakes that will put an employer off, you will significantly reduce the odds of making those very same mistakes yourself. 

Take control and be precise! And should you read this article and feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing your own CV, know that there are reputable companies such as Bluegum Resumes, who will be able to assist you. 

1 – Typos and errorors

When it comes to writing a resume, grammatical perfection is essential. It doesn’t matter what the job role is,
you have to be precise. 

Many people who struggle with English and are applying for jobs where writing might not even come into will find this frustrating. 

Understand that it’s no so much about your inability to spell that is the problem, but the fact that you didn’t take the time to double check your work. 

Even if you’re unconfident, you can ask friends and family to assist you. Or again, you can hire the professionals to write your resume on your behalf. 

2 – A serious lack of specifics 

Remember that you’re selling yourself. There are too many resume’s which have very little information. 

There’s a lot of waffling, but not much in the way of specific information which will be useful to the prospective employer. 

Don’t just mention that you managed a bar. What were your key accomplishments? How many people did you supervise? Did you exceed your targets? How did you help to bar to succeed? 

3 – Failing to tailor the resume to the job in question  

There’s no good having one template resume and sending it out to hundreds of different positions. Take the time to tailor your resume to suit the particular job in question. 

You might not need to alter a huge amount of information. – But by highlighting certain specifics you can increase your chances of success. 

4 – Listing duties instead of spotlights achievements 

Don’t patronise the employer. Everybody knows what duties are involved with supervising in a supermarket. Rather than list your day to day, write about what you achieved. 

How did you improve the supermarket and its functionality? Did the store receive any awards under your supervision? 

5 – Writing the same old nonsense in your summary 

“I am a passionate individual who works well in a group but is able to work equally as well on my own.” 

You’re not in secondary school any more. If you want to secure an executive position, you need to market yourself as such. 

Again, be precise in listing your accomplishments. Why should they hire you? Use facts! 

6 – A little less conversation, a little more action 

Action verbs are essential for highlighting your competence when writing a resume. 

You need to use phrases such as “responsible for”, “in charge of”, and “developed”. Don’t say “I worked in a team”, when instead you can say “I thrived in a team”. 

The power of language is not to be understated! 

There are certainly other mistakes that are made, but these are the main few which can cost you the job. 

Again, if you’re not confident about your own resume writing skills, then hire the professionals. It’s not cheating. You will write the base outline and they will shape it up. 

You simply provide them with the facts and they will present it in the appropriate manner, absent ANY mistakes. Good luck!