Reasons To Hire A Professional Excavation Company

Land excavation is one of those things that almost nobody considers until they actually need it.  Most of us would never give a second thought to land excavation and management, we’re usually happy to just make some minor changes with the soil in our back gardens and little else.  

But then someone has the bright idea of putting in a pond or changing the shape of the garden for an extension, this is when land excavation services might come onto the radar of the average homeowner.  

However, the reality is that there are many landowners out there who have more than just their house and gardens to contend with, for these people, there might be hundreds of tonnes of soil and rubble that need moving to make paths or new buildings or even to totally change their property with a large scale landscaping project.  

In these cases it is perfectly possible to hire the excavation machinery and have a go at the job yourself, but there are quite  few compelling reasons why you should call in the experts.

Collateral Damage

It is remarkably easy to cause large scale damage that you weren’t planning on when driving heavy duty machinery.  

Trees, windows, buildings, vehicles, not much will stand up to an accidental knock from an excavator.  

So if the work you need doing is in a confined space or you simply don’t want to risk leaving a path of destruction in your wake, don’t try it yourself.

Siltation and erosion

There is actually quite a lot of science and background knowledge involved in excavation; it is not, as many people seem to believe, simply about ripping huge chunks of earth away until you have made a big enough hole.  

Depending on what angle you cut into the soil from and how you remove it, you run the risk of causing a lot of damage to the surrounding earth and water table.  

If soil is moved in the wrong way, any rainwater that falls can rapidly speed up the natural erosion that occurs in the soil.  

This will wash away a lot of the loose parts of the soil, causing what’s left to become unstable whilst at the same time polluting the natural water systems in the area with all of this run off.  

The professionals have the experience and background knowledge to remove the soil correctly and minimise any damage to the surrounding earth.

They come equipped

The professionals also have the correct tools for any job, as well as the insurance to back them up.  Clay soil and surprise rocks, amongst other things,  can make digging through the earth incredibly difficult, unless you have the proper machinery to hand.  

It is also true that accidents happen and unforeseen problems could arise from digging in the area you wish to, so having companies undertake the work complete with a solid insurance policy should provide a good deal of peace of mind.