Key services of locating service providers

Locating services might not be the most obvious business idea in the world, but they do offer some invaluable services that you would most probably never even think about, until you need them.  That’s why we’ve put together this short list of services locating companies can provide, so that if you find yourself in a position where you actually need one, you know where to look.

Concrete scanning

As simple as it sounds, location companies will use sophisticated scanning technology to examine any concrete areas you have and provide you with the exact positioning of anything that is lurking within such as steel rods and conduits.

Cable and pipe fault location

Buried cables and water pipes can be a nightmare when they develop faults and leaks, you probably don’t even know exactly where they are, let alone where the issue is.  Professional locating service providers will have the skills and specialist tools needed to not only find those cables, but determine exactly where the fault is as well.

Pipe and cable location

It’s not just developing faults and cause problems that could mean you need to locate pipes and cables.  You could also need to find them simply to make sure you can work safely around them without damaging anything.  This service will let you see exactly where they are and help you proceed without damaging anything.

CCTV investigations

To help find out where problems lie, location service providers often have CCTV systems they can deploy into pipes, drains and conduits to get a detailed look at any problems that are hiding within.

Low risk, non-destructive excavation

Digging past all of the pipes and cables in a patch of land can be very nerve wracking and potentially dangerous. So why not let the professionals do it with pinpoint precision and sophisticated tools that will ensure your existing utilities are left undamaged.

Surveying and mapping services

Possible the most obvious service these companies would provide, but this entails fully realised 2D and 3D maps and surveys of any given area you require.  The accuracy would be perfect as these are professional tier maps and as such are highly reliable.

This is simply a brief summary of some of the numerous services these companies can provide and they can by truly invaluable when you have need of them.  Most people won’t think about these services as they won’t encounter the problems that lead to requiring them, but if you do, it’s good to know that there are experienced, reputable companies standing ready to aid you and make sure that you get the best customer experience they can possible provide.  Just remember, most of these services are very technical and require highly skilled staff and specialist equipment, attempting these yourself could lead to severe damage to pipes, cables and other utilities if not more.