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Do You Think Spouses and Partners Enjoy Your Work Parties?

Most workplaces have a tendency to throw parties for one reason or another throughout the year.  This may be for Christmas or another holiday, for charity and fundraising purposes, or simply to celebrate a corporate achievement or reward the staff for their hard work.  There will be many people who look forward to these events and really enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere, have a great time with their work friends and colleagues as well as their spouses or significant others.  But there are those for whom an invite to such events can make their blood run cold.  Wanting to support your partner is one thing, but mingling with a large group of strangers can be a daunting prospect.  This is why if you are planning a corporate party, you need to give careful consideration to everyone you wish to invite.

Be inclusive

One of the biggest drawbacks that people experience is being on the outside of a social situation.  If half the room work together, know each other and see each other on a daily basis then the other half are instantly at a disadvantage and risk being left out.  This is why it is the job of the planners to ensure there are entertainment options that place people on a level playing field and help integrate everyone into the party atmosphere.  Now alcohol can also be used to ease this inclusiveness, but a free bar is never the best idea with a room partially full of anxious people.

Lady Luck knows no favourites

A great example of an all round inclusive activity is a fun casino, which can be hired from a number of expert firms.  This offers your party goers a chance to experience proper casino games without the risk of bankruptcy and there is no chance of favourites where luck is concerned.  People who have attended such events report that their spouses and partners are much happier because they have something to focus on and by sharing a gaming experience it gives people something to discuss and banter over.  

There are other ways that a casino party encourages people together; if you consider the layout then guests will have to gather around gaming tables if they wish to join in.  This is another reason that it is worth hiring the professionals, all of the tables will be staffed people experienced in running that game and they will be able to explain the rules and encourage new players in without making them feel isolated.  This in turn leads to an increased sense of inclusivity and happiness amongst attendees.  Giving your guests the experience of a casino, with the safety of a party and the warmth of a community is a perfect balance and one that every party planner should try out.