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Call a Pump Repairs Specialist; You Might Not Need a Replacement Just Yet

If your spa or pool pump is starting to play up, then don’t sack it off immediately and opt for having it replaced. If you call a pump repairs specialist, they will be able to come out and take a look at it and determine what stage you’re at. 

It could be that a few simple tweaks are required and then it’s back in good working order, it might not be, but it’s worth a look at the very least. 

In this post we’re going to explore a few signs that it’s time to have your spa or swimming pool pump repaired: 

1 – Irregular noises coming from the pump 

Very few pumps are particularly quiet, but if yours is making noises that you’re unfamiliar with, then it could be a sign that it is falling into disrepair. 

If you can hear humming noises coming from it for example, without any water flow, then it could be an electrical fault. 

Or alternatively if the pump is squeaking, then it’s more likely to do with the bearings. Again, but calling a pump repairs specialist, they will be able to get to the bottom of the issue immediately. 

2 – Lowered water pressure 

If you have noticed a slight of significant drop in water pressure, then your pump clearly isn’t working as intended. 

A first step could be to inspect the pump for any loose debris that might have got caught up in it, as this is often what causes a drop-in water pressure. 

That being said; if you cannot see any debris inside the pump, then it is more than likely faulty due to wear and tear. In which case you must a professional pump repair specialist to take a closer look. 

3 – Nothing happens when you switch the pump on 

In order to work properly, your pool pump and motor must be operating in synchronicity. One cannot function without the other.  If this is not happening, then it is likely an electrical fault. 

You must be careful if this is the case and try not to tamper with anything you don’t understand. Again, a pump repairs specialist is your best bet. 

4 – Water leaking from the pump 

Water leaking from your pump is never a good sign, which can often lead to electrical failure. If you’ve noticed this happening it is something that you should rectify immediately. 

Switch your pump off and call the professionals to take a closer look. 


It might be that your pump is knackered and replacing entirely, but sometimes, with a bit of love, you can get a lot more usage out of a pump. 

Don’t stress and rush into having one replaced before asking a pump repair specialist to look at it. Following that, they will be able to offer you informed advice on how to proceed.