Are ride-on lawnmowers any good

Are ride-on lawnmowers any good? Are they good for uneven ground? How heavy are they? Are ride-on lawn mowers worth it?

If you are the kind of homeowner who dreads looking out the window and seeing the overgrown forest that your lawn has become, it may be time to try something a little different. Ride-on lawn mowers can turn a chore into something a little easier and a lot more fun, but are they actually worth a try?

Here we will take a look at ride-on lawn mowers to see if they really are worth investing in, or are just another tool that will end up abandoned in the shed.

Are ride-on lawn mowers any good?

Are ride-on lawn mowers any good?

While you will find that initially, a ride-on mower costs you more than the average hand-held kind, there are many benefits that make it a fantastic investment and prove that ride-on mowers are indeed a good option:

  • They save you time

People have so many demands on their time these days, and when you have been hard at work all week, taking care of kids, getting in shopping, and doing any of the million and one extras that keep the world turning, the last thing most of us want to do is push a lawn mower round and round for what can feel like hours. A ride-on mower takes care of your lawn in minutes saving the rest of the day for you.

  • They are less exhausting

As well as the amount of time that pushing a lawn mower takes, it also uses up a large amount of physical strength. When you are tired and just ready to chill and enjoy your free time, exerting yourself and using up what is left of your energy can’t be that appealing. A ride-on mower is engine powered and puts in the work so you don’t have to.

  • They do a beautiful job

Your ride-on mower can cut perfectly straight lines up and down your garden, leaving you with a symmetrical and gorgeous lawn in no time. Pushing a mower can lead to more issues with uneven lines and missed bits without the comfort of sitting and directing your ride-on mower as it does the job for you.

  • Anyone can use one

Barring children, of course, ride-on lawn mowers allow adults who are less physically able, unwell, or anyone who isn’t quite as fit or young as they used to be to continue to take care of their own lawn. Gardening is often a tiring activity, and mowing your lawn by hand can really take it out of you. Being able to hop on your mower means that you can keep mowing into your old age without having to spend money hiring someone to do it for you.

For all these and so many other reasons you can see that ride-on lawn mowers are a fantastic and often necessary addition to so many households and gardeners.

Are ride-on mowers good for uneven ground?

Are ride-on mowers good for uneven ground?

Uneven ground can be a big issue when cutting your grass, and with most push mowers you will struggle to get the power and access you need to reach all of the angles and places you need to keep your lawn even.

Ride-on mowers can be a far superior way of mowing an uneven lawn. With smaller wheels at the front and bigger ones at the back, some types are made to manoeuvre over and around obstacles and uneven ground. 

Sitting astride your mower, you can more easily traverse your garden’s peaks and dips and keep your cutting on track than if you were trying to push an inferior lawn mower over the same, and it would be far less exhausting for you with a ride-on mower. 

Some models of ride-on mower are specifically designed to work better on uneven ground, so make sure to do your research when you are deciding which kind to buy if your garden needs it.

How heavy is a ride-on mower?

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Ride-on lawn mowers are heavy, weighing over 220kg on average, and that’s without the fuel. For larger machines or zero-turn mowers, this amount can easily double, which can sound intimidating and make them sound too heavy to handle.

Luckily, specifically tailored lawn mower ramps can help you easily and safely load your mower wherever you want and take it where it needs to go without having to worry about the weight for yourself.

These kinds of lawn mowers are highly stable and you will mostly be sitting on and driving them, so the fact that they weigh a great deal shouldn’t be a negative. If you do want to take your mower to someone else’s house to help them out too, using a ramp is the best and only way to safely transport your mower without hassle or worry.

Are ride-on lawn mowers worth it?

Are ride-on lawn mowers worth it

Many people may think that it is only worthwhile getting a ride-on mower if you have a huge amount of gardens, but this just isn’t true. Yes, this kind of mower is wonderful for quickly covering large distances, but even for smaller lawns it can still be absolutely worth investing in.

The initial expense may seem a lot, but you can quickly save money taking care of the lawn yourself instead of hiring someone else. It is also impossible to put a price on the joy of seamlessly taking care of your garden yourself, sitting and directing your mower instead of sweating and pushing at a classic mower for what feels like hours.

A ride-on mower can give you a perfect lawn in no time, stress-free and even in a fun way, so what could be more worth it than that?

Final thoughts 

Ride-on mowers have no end of benefits including being able to get the best, equal cut on all kinds of ground, saving your energy and time, and allowing you to take care of your garden even when not at your best. 

These mowers are very heavy, so a ramp may well be an excellent idea when transporting one, but the initial expenses will be well worth it when you see your gorgeous grass and can relax in all the extra free time you have bought.